There’s a lot to think about when it comes to housing, especially if you require specialist design features. Depending on your housing situation, you may need to make decisions about:

  • The neighbourhood you want to live,
  • The type of home you want to live in, and/or
  • What you want the inside or outside areas of your home to look like.

My Accessible Home provides information about housing design, location, and neighbourhood aspects that research with consumers suggested were important to consider. If you (or someone you know) want to build, buy, modify or rent a home in the private market, this website could be useful to you.

Although this resource is intended to be comprehensive, the information provided is not all-inclusive. We strongly recommend that you consult with an occupational therapist or other suitably qualified professional about your specific housing needs. You can share the housing features you saved to your account with them, to discuss further.

The partnership sincerely acknowledges and thanks the additional intellectual contributions of Elizabeth Ainsworth (Occupational Therapist; Access Consultant) and Winning Media for developing this website. The partnership are also grateful for the financial contributions of Perpetual through the 2016 IMPACT Philanthropy Program and acknowledge the Recover Injury Research Centre (The University of Queensland) for their support.

Dr Wright’s PhD thesis (cited below) informed the content of this website. This online resource would not have been possible without the people who shared their stories so willingly. Dr Wright’s deepest thanks are extended to the research participants who gave so generously of their time.

Wright, C. (2016). Likes, dislikes, must-haves, and must-nots: An exploratory study into the housing preferences of adults with neurological disability (Doctoral dissertation). Brisbane, Queensland: Griffith University.

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